Sensor Modules

Development process

SIMTRANS can provide the turnkey solution of sensor module development to customers, the development process is as following:​

Step 1 

Sensor Module 3d construction design

Step 2

Transducer characteristics decided (Based on customer requirement)

Step 3

Transducer construction design and simulation

Step 4

Transducer sampling and sensor module mockup sample built

Step 5

Control IC parameter matching and turning

Step 6

Functional confirmation and molding

Step 7

Material confirmation and manufacture process development

Step 8

Production line build up and DV test

Step 9

Production line turning and PV test

A. Ultrasonic Transducer Design

  • Modeling and simulation

  • Beam pattern design and optimization

  • Acoustic performance optimization

  • Damping (ring time) control

  • Manufacturing process optimization

Example of Transducer SPL Measurement Results

  1. The SPL measurement is for transducer of sensor module only.

  2. SIMTRANS 1 & 2 shows the tolerance of SIMTRANS initial samples.

The direction angle of SIMTRANS​ designed transduer

B. Control Circuit Optimization

  • Mechanical-electronics interface optimization.

  • Semi-active switching damping (ring time) control.

  • Software optimization on sensor module.

Detecting Range Comparison

C. Assisted Driving & Parking

  • System Planning

  • Functional Evaluation

  • Testing & Verification

  • Program Managem

Parking Security Management

  • 智能停車出入管理

  • 特殊停車位管理

  • 停車場域的環控與安控

  • 城市停車聯網管理

  • ​停車信息發布及智能停車引導




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